Ministry Needs

WORK DAYS SCHEDULED- July 23 and July 30!!!

For the Prepare the Way Capital Campaign, there will be sweat equity involved in making so many things happen here at Grace. Such is the case as we begin work in Grace Center. Just like the narthex, new ceiling tiles will be installed in Grace Center. Two days will be needed as we are going to do a little extra sprucing as we install these new tiles. Here is what we will be doing:

Saturday, July 23 at 8:00AM, we will be removing all the old ceiling tiles and paint the hanging strips that hold the tiles. We will then need to let those strips dry.

Saturday July 30 at 8:00AM, we will install all the new tiles!

During that week, we will also be updating the communication capabilities in Grace Center (See Bill Nattress if you can assist him running cable etc. during the week between)

Come on one or both work days and join in the fun! YES FUN! These, “work /sweat equity days” are indeed fun. Many hands make light work and together we share in the commitment to enhancing our space for our continued mission and ministry now and for the future. Yes we will have fun “Preparing the Way” for generations to come. A sign-up sheet for each day can be found in the green activity binder at the welcome center. We will make sure there is coffee and some goodies so come out and lend a hand, it will be FUN!

HELP US GROW! - Every year our preschool is very grateful for the donations we receive from our parents and Grace Church families. This year we are kicking off a Helping Hands: Help Us Grow campaign. Helping Hands will be posted around church that list items we are in need of. Some examples might include; batteries, mailing labels, copy paper, Walgreens gift cards for photo printing or laminating sheets. If you are able to donate an item, please take that hand with you and return your item to the office. Include your name with your donation, we want to be able to give you a big thank you.

PREPARE THE WAY CAPITAL CAMPAIGN– The paving is complete! In the coming weeks the contractor will be addressing the punch list items associated with their work. The Capital Campaign Task Force is now turning their focus to the interior projects such as mechanical systems and interior finishes in the lower level of the building. These projects will be worked on as funds become available through the ongoing giving of congregation members. The Task Force has also been trying to reach every member of the congregation to speak with them about the campaign. If we have not reached your household yet, we will very soon. Please feel free to contact the Church office and we will get something scheduled with you.

The Capital Campaign has now officially begun as we work to communicate to all of the members of the congregation and start on the many projects that will occur over the next three years. The first round of visits with the members is in progress and we will be scheduling training of the next wave of key communicators to go out and visit with the members to present the program, answer questions, and ask for your support. As of this moment we have $343,590.50 committed and about $177,910.50 collected toward the campaign. You may have noticed the new choir robes that debuted at the Easter Sunday services along with the new ceiling tiles in the Narthex. Some smaller, less noticeable projects have been started like the repair of operable windows in the basement. The Task Force has been working on prioritizing the work based upon the cash flow projections. As the campaign progresses we will be able to provide a calendar of anticipated timeframes from all of the work being performed.

One key donation that was made to the Church is a new Assistive Listening System for the Sanctuary. These devices will allow those with hearing impairments to hear the service with greater clarity. This device will replace the current units that were installed when the building was first built in 1983. As they are a new technology, the new devices will work with hearing aids that have T-Coil channels providing a more positive audio experience. The new devices will be installed in the Sanctuary in the coming weeks once they are received from the manufacturer.

Please answer the call to help us celebrate the campaign as we are on our way carrying forward this gift of faith and Sharing God’s Grace! Thanks Be To God!

Projectionist Needed: The 10:45 Sunday service is need of a volunteer to run our projection sytem during the service once a month. Training available from a seasoned projectionist. If you can click a mouse and follow along with the service you can do this job. Please consider this volunteer opportunity.

SUNDAY MORNING SWEET TREATS—Many of you enjoy a sweet treat with your lemonade or coffee on Sunday morning during fellowship between services. To keep this available, we are asking families, individuals, committees, groups, teams, classrooms, etc. to participate in providing a sweet treat for a Sunday of their choosing. Please provide approximately 50 sweet bites on a disposable platter, and have available on the coffee table in the narthex from 9:30 am—10:45 am. Any type of sweet will be enjoyed. (Coffee and lemonade will be provided as usual) Please sign-up on the Activity Board. Dates start with March 1st. Thank you!

2015 BULLETIN & PRESENCE LIGHT SPONSORS NEEDED. This is a great way to honor/memorialize a loved one or special occasion while helping to defray the cost of the bulletins and presence light. Sponsor sheets are available at the Information Center. A month prior to your sponsoring, a form will be sent to you requesting information and a donation of $20 for the Bulletins & $10 for the Presence Light.

Please contact Ron Fredriksen for more details about the ministries' needs.
Thank you for helping in the supply of these items. Their availability will mutually enhance our music ministry and our worship together.

The Worship & Music Committee Sue Olson, Chair